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by Sid Harwell

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plzzloid The accordion in this song gives me them there nostalgic feels I used to have when I made music with a bud of mine Favorite track: Human Sound.
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Cry 01:55
Baby, I won't come back home (Baby I know that I cry.. cry all the time it's not more) Taking off, I go (I go in, say no) Hold it in the sun (I try to keep it in, just keep me out all the time) It's not all that bad, because they.. (Take my time) Cry..
Human Sound 04:08
Take my hand don't leave my eyes out there Eyes are creeping oh just know I'm there Make a human sound like a scream Like a super glue in my stream, I can't relate I can elieve him - Voice who we know now Talk of tempting bright guys Waking like a looney Call me some guy - I missed them, force her Maybe I'm too sad Maybe I'm losing all the time - May we become friends? Maybe it's the wrong way Baby we're dyins Baby it's the wrong day..
By Myself 04:05
I know there's an answer, I know, but I had to find it by myself.. - I won't go in to I don't in a place I know, (By myself) I won't go out and dream about the things I know I'll get, (And what good is that?) I know there's an answer, (And it's so hard) I know, but I had to find it by myself, - I know place I know that girl, No need to look or read back, I know it's hard to make, good time I know it's hard to redo, (For you I can't I'll fall down) I know we make some reasons, (I know it's hard so recent) More things that I just lead in, Myself and I don't leak in, I make up other reasons.. - I know there's an answer, (And they fall in) I know but I had to find it by myself, And what good is that? - I can't be in, I walk away, Away.. I know all the way, Way.. - Be off, I'll be okay, I know I can be late, I've had my walk always bad starts today, Maybe baby please.. Hold on me, hold on me.. I see your light in everything before..
Don't watch me go I know it's bad (And I won't) To think that (Think that) - (And I can't) In sync (without it) of that (And I go) Heart breaks (And I won't) And maybe I know (and I wait) that it's hard to walk away from me Yeah - (I will go home) I know (Take off, I know) It's hard To think of that (Don't need that) (To my soul) Don't need (A favor) Anything (See you later) Now I must break apart - I won't go back (And I know that) Break up (I won't go back) I know that it's hard (I won't go here) for me I won't go in, I won't go anywhere I know I can't (And I can't go) Go back there when (In love with her) She says goodbye (We're leaving) Bye.. - Baby I'm just losing myself Baby I will, baby I will, think of you still..
Reconnect 03:44
Making my head spin Talking off things that I can't re-elect Could I reconnect?.. with myself? - I am lost today I don't care about that baby I don't care about that Don't leave my head up there I know I keep saying I'm outside anyways - But I'm not today But I'm not outside Kill my broken heart And I'll kill you all Take my head and fall No, I'm not alone I've got me to hold - Caramel baby, baby, baby.. Baby, baby.. - What once was now lost, yeah I know.. The eyes that start a family, There's more than what's rough. - Yeah, I've been aching Now I've found the kiss.. - Now he'll never offer again There's no sin that will not.. ..Last in here..


released April 21, 2017


all rights reserved



Sid Harwell Fort Worth, Texas

Singer-songwriter from Texas. I write songs, and I record them in my room.

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